Copy of Copy of Josh Lamon

Josh Lamon

(The Prom-Broadway)

“It is so important to have a clean and professional demo reel. Whenever I’ve used Jordan, it has been a wonderful collaboration that is done quickly and makes me feel proud of the work that Casting sees. As an audition coach, I send my clients to Jordan on a regular basis. Why? Because his work helps get my clients called in and booked". for coaching


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Kelvin Moon Loh

(Beetlejuice- Broadway)

“I booked a Broadway show through a video made by Jagwire Studios. No. Seriously. I never had to walk into the room once. This seems like a tall tale but the truth is- Jordan has the experience of putting together a video package that is professional and a cut above the rest. If you’re okay with sending in a plain video shot from your cellphone- know that you are competing with others who are submitting material of high quality from Jagwire.”


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Copy of Copy of David

David Prottas


“Self taping can all too often feel terribly awkward and contrived. However, Jordan’s collaborative and open energy made it a fun and creative experience. I left our session feeling energized, happy that we had worked together as a team in an unhurried fashion to produce work I was genuinely proud of and eager to send out.”

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Copy of Copy of Katy

Katy Geraghty

(Groundhog Day- Broadway)

“I loved my experience with Jordan and Jagwire Studios. I knew that I was going to be in good hands because I know him as a person and a performer, but the professionalism and coaching he did throughout was above and beyond. We did not have a lot of time to do what we needed to and I was fairly nervous about it but he kept me on task, relaxed and comfortable and had the cut back to me in a few hours. He took all the pressure off and gave me back a product that looked like it took days, not hours.”

Insta @katy.geraghty

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Copy of Copy of Tyler

Tyler Jones

(The Book of Mormon)

“I’ve always been skeptical of EVER being able to book something from a self-tape, but with Jagwire I’ve booked two- one was a musical and the other was a TV show. To boot, agents and casting directors have reached out before to thank me for submitting a tape that looked so professional. For all I can tell, a high quality video really can give you an edge that your iPhone can’t. If self-tapes are the bane of your existence, too—or even if they’re not— I enthusiastically recommend that you call Jordan to help with your next self-tape.”


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Juliane Godfrey

(Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical)

“Jordan is not only a great videographer, but a wonderful creative and comforting objective eye to have when working on an otherwise stress-inducing, self-conscious process of making a self-tape. He is efficient, thorough, and communicative, and I loved having someone I trusted to assist in the urgent, spontaneous process of spitting out a polished audition in the span of 24 hours. I can’t recommend Jagwire Studios enough for artists who want to submit great work on a budget without sacrificing quality or their sanity!”


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